Ecodiesel Class Action Agreement Date

If you are a proud owner of an Ecodiesel vehicle, we have some news for you. After years of legal tussle, an agreement has finally been reached in the Ecodiesel Class Action lawsuit. The final settlement agreement date for the Ecodiesel Class Action has been scheduled for December 2021. This news comes as a relief to the thousands of Ecodiesel owners who have been awaiting this decision for a long time.

For those who are unaware, the Ecodiesel Class Action lawsuit was filed against FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) and Bosch in 2017. The lawsuit alleged that the Ecodiesel engine used in select Ram 1500 and Jeep Grand Cherokee models contained a cheat device that allowed the vehicles to skirt diesel emissions regulations. As a result, the vehicles were emitting more pollutants than they should have been.

The litigation lasted for several years, with FCA and Bosch denying any wrongdoing. However, after multiple rounds of negotiations, a final settlement agreement was reached in May 2021. The agreement is subject to approval by a judge, who will review the terms and determine if it is fair to all parties involved. The approval process is expected to take several months, with the final settlement agreement date scheduled for December 2021.

Under the terms of the agreement, FCA will pay $307.5 million to resolve the claims made by Ecodiesel owners. The settlement will cover the cost of repairs, compensation for lost value, and other expenses related to the lawsuit. Additionally, Bosch will pay $27.5 million to settle claims made against them.

If you are an Ecodiesel owner, it is important to stay updated on the final settlement agreement date. Once the agreement is approved, there will be a claims process for owners to collect their compensation. The claims process will be overseen by a court-appointed administrator, who will provide instructions on how to file a claim and what documentation is required.

In conclusion, the Ecodiesel Class Action lawsuit has been a long and complex process. However, the final settlement agreement date offers hope for Ecodiesel owners who have been impacted by this issue. If you are an Ecodiesel owner, be sure to keep an eye out for updates on the claims process and take advantage of the compensation that will be available to you.

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