Welcome to the official website for the Mulberry Grove Homeowners Association of Elgin, Illinois.

The purpose of this website is to facilitate communication between the Association and its residents, and to provide a repository for current copies of legal documents. including the Protective Covenants, Bylaws, Annual Meeting Minutes, and monthly board meeting minutes.  It also provides a means of obtaining information about the neighborhood and the community

The HOA board is committed to preserving homeowner equity and common assets.


WARNING – This is a private website intended for use by the residents of Mulberry Grove Homeowners Association. All original content is copyrighted and all rights are reserved. Re-publishing, posting to blogs, posting to Wiki’s or any other media is expressly prohibited without written consent. Re-publishing of this content on any website that generates revenue from advertising is prohibited without written permission. Comments posted by non residents will be removed. Email addresses listed on this website are posted for the use of our residents, real estate agents, and closing attorneys only. You are expressly prohibited from using them for sending unsolicited email promoting any commercial purpose. Failure to observe this notice will subject you to the substantial penalties provided for in the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003. Among other things this act expressly prohibits harvesting email addresses and imposes fines of up to $11,000 for each violation. As a matter of policy, companies who send unsolicited email will not win contracts from Mulberry Grove HOA.


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